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The Cowgirls Git-R-Dun
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We would like thank our sponsors and supporters of the World Record Ride:

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The World Record Ride.

We are Proud Supporters of:

To benefit Homeless Veterans,
Victims of Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer patients.

This non-profit benefit ride is of historical proportions, an ambitious endeavor, a mammoth logistical undertaking that, in the end, will be a blessing for countless lives and ultimately gratifying for all that participate as a rider, promoter, coordinator, volunteer or check point host.

Starting at World Famous Bruce Rossmeyer's Destination Daytona with a media send off Celebration Bike Night September 8th 7PM - 10PM, and the starting point of the ride the next morning, on 9-9-11. This epic adventure will set out on a 9,625 mile journey around America, traveling through 35 states, in 35 days, along 39 legs, stopping in 90 cities and returning to the Daytona International Speedway on opening day of Biketoberfest, October 13th, with a procession that some experienced ride coordinators are suggesting could be in the tens of thousands of riders and dozens of miles long.

It will take the collective efforts of hundreds, selflessly pulling together, working in unison and harmony for the betterment of others. Our Goal is to increase awareness and raise one million dollars for each of these three worthy causes; Homeless Veterans, Victims of Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Patients.

We will return to Daytona right in the middle of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. However, few know that it is also Domestic Violence Awareness month, we intend to change that! After 35 days of building excitement and momentum, it is already promising to become an escalating media event as we travel from city to city with a media frenzy at The Grand Finale.

All registered riders, regardless of which legs or how many leg you ride, will be invited for three laps around Daytona International Speedway, Friday October 14th, at a discounted rate from their regular price.

There will be motorcycle police escorts on many legs and live remote news coverage throughout much of the ride. Public Service Announcements on both radio and television are currently being broadcast around the country. Articles and editorials are being published in news papers, magazines as well as newsletters being circulated through many ride, veteran and civic organizations. Many websites and social networking sites are promoting the story as well as radio and television Talk Show appearances are currently under way, and other still being scheduled. We anticipate extensive local or national media coverage and prime time interviews throughout the ride at most check points and rest stops. So, if you don't want to be seen on television and possibly interviewed, this probably isn't the ride for you.

Most check point and rest stop hosts are providing food, refreshments and entertainment. Many are going ALL out, with such things as pink fire trucks & police cruisers, auctions & vendors, concessions and bikini bike washes, politicians & local celebrities, parades & marching bands. One is even creating an arch with
hook & ladders fire trucks  for the riders to ride under, dressed in America flags. Each venue will be different and limited  only by the host's imagination. Arrangements have been made at most check points for discounted rates on hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, as well as parallel, oil changes, repairs and service. There will be a variety of activities for riders to participate  and attractions to visit along the route.

Registration is currently underway and can be complete by visiting the "Registration" page at www.CowgirlsGitRDun.com or by clicking on the link below. The registration fee is $70 (back seat riders are free) for each of the first two legs you ride, and a FLAT $200 for three or more legs, including "Marathon Riders" completing 35 of the 39 legs. Your registration will be offset with a grocery package from our sponsor, so you have nothing to loose. Each leg will be an average of 250 miles, approximately four riding hours each day. For EACH leg you ride, in which you have a minimum of $1 per mile in pledge sponsors, your name will be entered into a drawing for a new "Iron Horse".

There will also be a special invitation incentive for ALL "Marathon Riders" to complete 35 of the 39 legs (approximately 8,625 miles). ANY registered Marathon Rider that have acquired a minimum of a $1 per mile in pledge sponsors, it can be 100 pledges for a penny a mile, one for a dollar a mile, or any combination in between.will then be invited on an all expenses paid, 3 day, 4 night Carnival Cruise, "The Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Victory Celebration" in November 2011(dates TBA). Be sure to print out the pledge sponsor sheet or copy and paste the link to the digital version. Don't wait till it's too late, start collecting your pledge sponsor TODAY, even if you aren't registered yet.

We still need an army of volunteers, as well as promoters, coordinators, Ride Captains & Sisters* to assist in the logistical organizing and promoting of the ride in your area, all of which will can be compensated  by our sponsor for referring your friends to the ride (see the Rider Cycle Referral program presentation below) If you are interested in any aspect of the ride, please call 321-926-6156 or email TheRide@CowgirlsGitRDun

This is a chance of a life time to participate in
a Historical World Record Ride and benefit three very worthy causes.

So, saddle up your Iron Horse and lets Ride

Don't Wait, Don't Procrastinate,
avoid the lines & Register TODAY

Projected Route for the
2nd Annual World Record Ride around America

Click on "map" to see ride schedule and a larger version of map 

We are currently seeking promoters, coordinators, Ride Captains & Sisters* to assist in the logistical organizing and promoting The Ride in your area.

  *All of which will be generously compensated for your efforts.

Visit our ride registration page to register.

Registration will vary based on how many legs you ride in and will be offset with a grocery package.  Registration for one or two legs is $70 each.  Registration for 3 or more, or all 35 legs is a flat $210.

If you would like to ride in the Mother of ALL Rides, or help in the organizing, volunteering, sponsoring, or simply contribute to the causes, please contact us at 321-926-6156 or TheRide@CowgirlsGitRDun.com

This is a chance of a life time to participate in a historical Guinness World Record Ride and benefit three worthy causes:
Homeless Veterans,
Victims of Domestic Violence,
Breast Cancer Patients in need.

The presentation below, is a complete and comprehensive explanation about the "Ride", the registration, promotion & coordinating of this colossal task. It also explains the "Rider-Cycle Referral Program" and how our sponsor compensates you or your organization for promoting the ride, coordinating a check point or leg, or just sharing it with your friends and referring rider. Give it a gander!

Our goal
To raise one Million dollars for each of three cause
through several different means including:

  • Rider RegistrationsOur premier sponsor, a grocery delivery company will reward Cowgirls Git-R-Dun for each rider registration.*
  • Grocery Purchases - A percentage of all grocery purchases made directly through Cowgirls Git-R-Dun or its members.
  • Grocery Referral Reward Program - when you, or your organization, refer  your fellow riders to The Ride, our premier sponsor rewards Cowgirls Git-R-Dun and you in checks and Wal-Mart gift cards, with out taking away from the causes. In fact, it increases the amount that they give.
  • Per Mile Pledge Sponsors - Riders are encouraged to raise a minimum of $1 per mile in pledge sponsors. It can be 100 sponsors for a penny or 10 for a dime or one for a dollar or any combination in between (Pledge Sponsor Sheets available with your registration).
    • The Rider with the most amount in sponsorship pledges will win a new motorcycle!   
    • Prize for Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth place for most pledges, to be announced.(they Will be Awesome!)
  • Corporate Sponsors - Some items will be sold or raffled
  • Collectibles - Hats, Doo Rags, Hair Gloves, T-Shirts, mugs, calendars, etc. etc. etc. Available on line in the Cowgirls Git-R-Dun General Store and at all check points in the "Ride" and registration special events.

There will also be a reward/prize incentive for all riders to complete the entire ride. ALL Riders that complete the ride and have a minimum of $1 per mile pledge sponsors (can be 100 pledges for a penny a mile or one for $1 or anything in between), will be invited aboard an all expenses paid, Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Country Carnival Cruise Victory Celebration to the Bahamas. This four day three night cruise will included round trip transportation to Port Canaveral, FL.  The cruise will occur  in  November of 2011 with specific dates to be announced. 90% of the pledges will go to the causes  (30% each), and 10% to cover other organizational costs of the event, including YOUR Cruise.

*All registered Riders will be entered into a drawing for a New Iron Horse that have accumulated a minimum of $1 per mile in pledge sponsors and have completed at least one leg of the World Record  Ride or a Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Run (pledges can be a 100 for a penny, one for a dollar or any combination in between).

**Drawing for new motorcycle will be held once a total of 1,000 registered riders have complete at least one leg in the World Record Ride or a Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Run, and have a minimum of $1 per mile in pledge sponsors, has been attained and collected.

***Award of the new motorcycle for most amount in pledge sponsorship per mile, will be awarded once 1,000 registered riders have completed at least one leg of the World Record Ride or a Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Run, that have a minimum of $1 per mile in pledge sponsors, has been attained and collected.

35 States, Dozens of Cities, 8,625 Miles, 9,637 with the Broken Spoke leg.
Below, you can pledge your sponsorship for a rider you know, or if you don't know one that will be participating in the ride we can assign one for you that needs sponsors. You can indicate how much you wish to pledge; a penny, nickle, dime, quarter, dollar or more, or anything in between, and you can indicate how many miles or "Legs" you wish to sponsor them for.

You can also share this page with your friends or you can click here to get the URL link to share with your friends so they too can sponsor a rider.


Cowgirls Git-R-Dun, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our "Vision & Mission" is multi-faceted and far reaching. We are reinventing and redefining the concept of Social Networking and bringing it to a whole NEW leve
l that Will not be found in any other group forum or any other Social networking page. By working together in great numbers, with the efforts of kind hearted, like minded & friendly,  caring people, together we will make a difference in countless lives. Rather then idle chatter, buying pets and make-believe  vegetables for your make believe garden, we spend our time and effort improving lives. We are a close knit family of friends, chatting, laughing, listening, consoling, and creating life-long relationships.

On a grander scale, we pull together for the greater good. We work together to provide for Breast Cancer patients in need, victims of domestic violence and homeless veterans, through fund raising efforts of sponsorship drives, social gatherings & events, benefits, and bike runs. Shhhh -- we are even looking into benefit concerts with people we are sure you are gonna wanna see! So stay tuned and check back often!

Cowgirls Git-R-Dun, Inc. is as much of a support group as
anything. We bind together and lifting each other up when we are down. We laughing until we cry. We inspire each other to stay the course and carry one, one day at a time, one hoof in front of the other. It's a place to do great things in our own lives and in the lives of countless others. It's the collective efforts of our members that make it all possible to reach out and help each other, emotionally, physically and financially. The real beauty of our Vision & Mission is that it's not just to chit chat, but whenever you do, you are actually touching and changing lives. What could be more gratifying than that?!

Why not be part of something bigger than ourselves? Do something truly powerful and good by spreading good Will to those in need, and having fun in the process.

Projected Routs for the
2nd Annual World Record Ride around America

Final route will be posted soon.