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If you are interested in helping us touch and change countless lives,
at special events, social networking, administrative, etc, etc, etc.
You can even volunteer to help from where you sit, on your computer or in your town. 

If you would like to help but need to focus on providing and income for your family please consider being a sales rep or even a candle party with Almost Edible Gourmet Candles, the primary funding vehicle for Cowgirls Git-R-Dun, Inc. You are compensated and you it doesn't take away from the causes, it actually increases the amount of funds for them. 
We invite you to help by filing out the volunteer form below.

It's a Win, Win, Win for Everyone
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This form and information will only be forwarded to our administrator handling volunteers, sales representatives or candle party hostesses.
Please fill out the form and leave any comments, questions or suggestions in the comment box at the bottom.

Please don't forget to click on the "SUBMIT" button a the bottom when you are finished. 

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   Sales Representative for Almost Edible Gourmet Candles

 Candle Party Hostess
When are you interested
in hosting a candle party?

Call 413-301-6041 or email us at Volunteer@CowgirlsGitRDun.com
Thank You For Caring To Share.

Alone we are One,
Together we are Many,
Together we are Strong!