Sales Representative Opportunities
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Please take two minutes to view the ABC News Channel 40 feature segment
below about our product, business & causes before proceeding to apply.

We are seeking outgoing, ambitious people that are passionate about our causes; breast cancer, domestic violence & homeless veterans. Help us help them and be genorously compensated in the process for your efforts. 
If you are genuinely passionate about at least one of our causes, we want You. 

Become an exhibit representatives to run our booth at: home shows, bridal shows, woman shows, trade shows and craft fairs. We are also looking for reps for our home candle party and fund raiser programs.

If you are more direct sales oriented, then you are sure to excel at our "No Competition" wholesale reps program catering to the small and large retail industry. This program can produce a full-time residual income for a part-time effort, that has an exclusive edge of a one of a kind product line and a charitable benefit advantage. This is a "Home Run" and most lucrative for both the causes, and for your family.  Our wholesale target market is endless; small Mom & Pop shops, small chain stores, florists, Ice Cream Shops(Ice Cream Sundaes & Sorbets'), Maple Sugar Shacks(pancakes, French toast, Belgian waffles & syrup dispensers), even beauty salons, or wherever women . 

For those of you that have a very limited amount of time in your schedule the direct sales order taking program is the "Chefs Choice" for You.
With a start- up sample variety starter kit, catalog, brochures, and other support materials, this is the idea program for you, regardless of where in the country you are.
 It's a total "No-Brainer"

Our Line Is One of A Kind, that sell themselves, a true Show & Sell.
You to show them, they will do the rest. Show - Smell - Sell!

We produce over 600 hand crafted, super scented original varieties that look and smell so real they will fool even the most experienced baker.

Our experience is that you will have the highest closing ratio you ever had, regardless of the program you choose.

Almost Edible Gourmet Candles have been candle artisans since 1970, and you won't find a more fragrant, authentic,  quality line, with attention to the every detail anywhere in the country. There is virtually NO competition.

So here is a real good, feel good way of helping your family while helping others. 

For more information, please call 413-301-6041 or  email - causes@AlmostEdibleGourmetCandles

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Almost Edible Gourmet Candles representative