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Will You Help Us Help them? No amount is too small, ever little bit helps us Help Them

        World Record Ride Registration Rates       
Three Registration Price Options

All proceeds to benefit Homeless Veterans, Breast Cancer Patients & Domestic Violence Victims

You Speak & We Listen.  Many check point hosts, riders, and organizations have shared that due to the down economy, many riders can't afford to participate in the ride at the $70 rate. You said that we could produce many more riders if we could just somehow reduce the registration donation. We listened, and now are glad to introduce two new ways of registering at lower rates, so that everyone can afford to ride.

  1. $70 Registration features & benefits

    1. No charge for back seat riders

    2. Receive a box of groceries for EACH of the first three legs of registration from our grocery sponsor, shipped to your door, or the National Veterans Homeless Support (NVHS), or the charity of your choice.

    3. Refer your friends to the ride and our sponsor will pay you or your organization $100 for 1st 9 legs referred & $50 for every three legs thereafter.

  2. $40 registration per leg, up to 5 legs.

    1. 3 gourmet pre-packaged meals (serves six) are sent to your door, and 1 gourmet pre-packaged meal (serves two) is sent to Homeless Veterans

    2. If you like  the meals and chose to order some more from the company, they will donate up to 25% of your order and all subsequent orders purchased back to the cause.
  1. $25 registration, just ride for the causes ($5 for back seat rides )

*All registered Riders will be entered into a drawing for a New Iron Horse that have accumulated a minimum of $1 per mile in pledge sponsors and have completed at least one leg of the World Record  Ride or a Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Run (pledges can be a 100 for a penny, one for a dollar or any combination in between).

**Drawing for new motorcycle will be held once a total of 1,000 registered riders have complete at least one leg in the World Record Ride or a Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Run, and have a minimum of $1 per mile in pledge sponsors, has been attained and collected.

***Award of the new motorcycle for most amount in pledge sponsorship per mile, will be awarded once 1,000 registered riders have completed at least one leg of the World Record Ride or a Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Run, that have a minimum of $1 per mile in pledge sponsors, has been attained and collected.

CLICK HERE  for Pledge Sponsor Forms

(Projected route, some cities are subject to change)
 "39 Legs"
City Start & Finish Check Points

(Rest stops in parenthesis @ Check Point or Rest Stop Host)
In Miles
 Road Time
 Per Leg
(w/o Rest Stop)

 Daytona/Ormond Beach, FL - to (Jacksonville, FL) - to Savanna, Ga
or optional
Destination Daytona (Jacksonville, FL to Savannah, GA) Santee, SC
 1st  220
 3hrs 46mins
5hrs 30mins
 Savanna, GA (Santee, SC), Myrtle Beach, SC 
or Optional route
Santee, SC to Myrtle Beach, SC
 2 229
 4hrs 8mins
2hrs 24mins
 Myrtle Beach, SC - to (Fayetteville, NC) - to Roanoke Rapids, NC  3  246 4hrs 26mins   9-11
 Roanoke Rapids, NC  @ Colliers Harley Davidson,  to(Ashland, VA) to
Dumfries, VA @ East Coast Harley Davidson south of Washington DC on I-95
 4   195
 3hrs 30mins   9-12
 Dumfries, Va @ East Coast Harley Davidson  to Rahway, New Jersey @ Liberty Harley Davidson 12 West Milton Ave.NJ(Ground Zero visit optional)
 5   229  4hrs 32mins   9-13
12 West Milton Ave. Rahway, NJ (Ground Zero Optional) to (Groton CT) to MomSouth 108 Washington St. Foxborough, MA  6   225  4hrs
 MomSouth 108 Washington St, Foxborough, MA (Hartford & New Burgh, NY)to Scranton, PA  7  291
 5hrs 11mins  9-15
 Scranton, PA (Altuna,  & site of flight 93) to Pittsburgh/Washington, PA  8  312
 5hrs 22mins  9-16
 Pittsburgh/Washington to (Zainsville, OH) PA to Dayton, OH  9  226
 Dayton, OH to (Yellow Ribbon Center-Cincinnati, OH)  Louisville, KY
 10  152
 2hrs 38mins
 Louisville, KY to (Mt Vernon, IL) to St. Louis, MO  11  262
 4hrs 21mins  9-19
 St. Louis, MO to (Columbia, MO) to Kansas City, KS  12  250
 4hrs 17mins  9-20
 Kansas City, KS to (Junction City, KS) to Hays, KS  13  278
 4hrs 22mins  9-21
 Hays, KS to(Oakley, KS & Limon, CO) Denver, CO  14  321
 5hrs 9mins  9-22
 Denver, CO to Laramie, WY  15  146
 2hrs 22mins  9-23
 Laramie, WY to Rock Springs, WY  16  207
 3hrs 1mins
 Rock Springs, WY to Salt Lake City, UT  17  185
 3hrs  9-25
 Salt Lake, UT to Boise, ID  18  340
 5hrs 23mins  9-26
 Boise, ID to Pendleton, OR  19  221
 3hrs 50mins  9-27
 Pendleton, OR to Seattle, WA  20  284
 4hrs 41mins  9-28
 Seattle, WA to Eugene, OR  21  283
 Eugene, OR to Redding, CA  22  315
 5hrs 10mins  9-30
 Redding, CA to Lathrop/Stockton, CA  23  218
 3hrs 30mins  10-1
 Lathrop/Stockton, CA to Bakersfield, CA  24  225
 3hrs 48mins  10-2
 Bakersfield, CA to Los Angeles/Riverside, CA  25  167
 2hrs 54mins
 Los Angeles/Riverside, CA to( Indio,CA & Blythe, CA),  to Phoenix, AZ  26  322
 5hrs 10mins  10-4
 Phoenix, AZ to (Payson, AZ & Snow Slake, AZ, Gallup, NM) to Albuquerque, NM  27  418
 7hrs 10mins  10-5
 Albuquerque, NM to (Tumcari, NM)  to
Amarillo, TX TRIPPS H-D 7720 Lee Hwy
 28  288
 4hrs 36mins  10-6
 AMARILLO TX - TRIPPS H-D 7720 Lee Hwy, Leaves 9:00 10/7 (Elk City, OK) to
Moore, OK, Fort Thunder H-D  500 SW 11th St 
 29  259
 4hrs 17mins  10-7
 OKC/Moore, OK Fort Thunder H-D  500 SW 11th St-LEAVE 9:00 SAT. 10/8 to (Ardmore, Ok) Dallas, TX America Eagle H-D 5920 S Interstate 35
 30  207
 3hrs 34mins  10-8
 Dallas/Corinth, TX America Eagle H-D 5920 S Interstate 35-LEAVE 9:00 10/9
 (Buffalo, TX ) to Houston, TX
 31  242
 4hrs 7mins  10-9
 Houston, TX to(Lake Charles, LA & Baton Rouge, LA) New Orleans, LA  32  352
 5hrs 54mins  10-10
 New Orleans, LA to(Mobile, AL) Pensacola, Fl  33  200
 3hrs 10mins  10-11
 PENSACOLA H-D 6385 PENSACOLA BLV- to Tallahassee, FL  34  196
 3hrs 13mins  10-12
Tallahassee, Fl - to Jacksonville, FL
35  165
2hrs 44 mins
 Jacksonville, FL - Daytona Beach, FL (Biketoberfest 2nd day arrival)
 36  90  1hrs 40mins  10-14
Approximate Total Ride ALL 35 Legs
   8,625  35 Days
Broken Spoke Return Leg
Cincinnati, OH - to (Louisville, KY) - to Nashville, TN
4 hrs 46mins
Nashville, TN - to (Chattanooga,TN) to -
 Atlanta, GA
4hrs 20 mins
Atlanta, GA - to (Angel City-Unadilla, GA) - to Savannah, GA
4 hrs 53 mins
Savannah,GA - (Brunswick, GA) - to Jacksonville,FL
Proceed on to Daytona Biketoberfest for opening day(optional)

4 hrs 6 mins
5hrs 46mins

Jacksonville, FL to Daytona, FL

1 hr 40 mins

BROKEN SPOKE ROUTE  total approximate miles 
Grand Total
THUNDER ROAD (optional)
Thunder Road (optional),merges with main rout in Tallahassee, FL
Nashville, TN to - (Decatur, AL) Trussville/Birmingham, AL
3 hrs 12 min
 Trussville/Birmingham, AL to - (Montgomery & Dothan, AL) to Tallahassee, FL(merge with main route)
 294 5 hrs 23 min
 Thunder Road - approximate miles
The Main Route, The Broken Spoke & Thunder Road

  Registration is $25, $40 or $70 per leg based on the features & benefits you choose and the amount of legs you want to ride, with a maximum of $200 for unlimited legs, or the entire ride.

If you would like to ride in the World Record Ride, a Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Run, help in the organizing, volunteering, or would like to host a local "Git-R-Dun Run" or Bike Night, please contact us at 321-926-6156 or TheRide@CowgirlsGitRDun.com

This is a chance of a life time to participate in a historical World Record Ride or Git-R-Dun Run and help provide for three worthy causes:
Homeless Veterans,
Victims of Domestic Violence,
Breast Cancer Patients in need.

Pre-Registration Form
refer to route schedule above for more details

Please fill out all your contact information. This information will remain private and shared with no outside parties.

One or two "Legs" (distance between one check point to another on the route, see schedule above)
You will be contacted by a volunteer to complete your registration.

We have a referral reward program.
Who referred you?:
Thank You For Your Support:
How many riders are you
pre-registering for today?:
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Email: *
Address Street *
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Zip Code: * (5 digits)
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 CHECK ONE - Maximum registration $200 for unlimited legs

I'm pre-registering at the rate of $70 per leg
(first 3 legs only)
  I'm pre-registering at the rate of $40 per leg
(first 5 legs only)
  I'm pre-registering at the rate of $25 per leg
(first 8 legs only)

Please indicate which legs you are pre-registering for today.       Rest Stops in (parentheses)                                                                     

All 35 Legs -"Marathon Rider" $200 TOTAL
Daytona, FL to (Jacksonville, FL) Savanna, GA 9-9-11
Savanna, GA to (Santee, SC) Myrtle Beach, SC 9-10-11
Myrtle Beach, SC to (Fayetville, NC) to Roanoke Rapids, NC 9-11-11
Roanoke Rapids, NC to (Richmond, VA) Washington, D.C. 9-12-11
Wash. D.C. to (Elkton, MD) Rahway, NJ 9-13-11
Rahway, NJ to (Groton, CT) to Foxborough/Boston, MA 9-14-11
Foxborough/Boston, MA to(E.Hartford, CT & Newburgh, NY) to  Scranton, PA 9-15-11
Scranton, PA to(Altoona, & Shanksville/Flight 93, PA) to Pittsburgh, PA  9-16-11
Washington/Pittsburgh, PA to (Zainsville, OH) Columbus, Ohio  9-17-11
Columbus, OH to  (Cincinnati, OH) Louisville, KY 9-18-11
Louisville, KY to (Mt. Vernon, IL) to St. Louis, MO  9-19-11
St. Louis, MO to (Columbia, MO) to Kansas City, KS  9-20-11
Kansas City, (Junction City, KS) KS to Hays, KS  9-21-11
Hays, KS (Oakley, KS & Limon, CO) to Denver, CO  9-22-11
Denver, CO to Cheyenne, WY 9-23-11
Cheyenne, WY to Rock Springs, WY 9-24-11
Rock Springs, WY to Salt Lake City, UT 9-25-11
Salt Lake City, UT (rest) to Boise, ID 9-26-11
Boise, ID to Pendleton, OR 9-27-11
Pendleton,OR to Seattle, WA 9-28-11
Seattle, WA to Eugene, OR 9-29-11
Eugene, OR to Redding, CA 9-30-11
Redding, CA to Stockton, CA 10-1-11
Stockton, CA to Bakersfield, CA 10-2-11
Bakersfield, CA to Los Angeles, CA 10-3-11
Los Angeles, CA to Phoenix, AZ 10-4-11
Phoenix, AZ (rest )to Albuquerque, NM 10-5-11
Albuquerque, NM to Amarillo, TX 10-6-11
Amarillo, TX to Oklahoma City, OK 10-7-11
Oklahoma City, OK to Dallas, TX 10-8-11
Dallas, TX to Houston, TX 10-9-11
Houston, TX to New Orleans, LA 10-10-11
New Orleans, LA to Pensacola, FL 10-11-11
Pensacola, FL to Tallahassee, FL 10-12-11
Tallahassee, FL 10-12-11  Jacksonville, FL 10-13-11
Jacksonville, FL - Daytona Beach, FL 10-14-11

The Broken Spoke- Merges with main route in Jacksonville, FL
  Cincinnati, OH to (Louisville, KY) to Nashville, TN
  Nashville, TN to (Chattanooga, TN) to Morrow/Atlanta, GA
  Atlanta, GA to (Unadilla, GA) to Savannah, GA
  Savannah, GA to (Brunswick, GA) to Jacksonville, Fl

 Thunder Road - merges with main route in Tallahassee, Fl
  Nashville, TN to (Decator, AL) to Birmingham/Trussville, AL
  Birmingham/Trussville, AL to (Montgomery & Dothan, AL) to Tallahassee, FL

   I would like more information on hotel accommodations
   I'm willing to share accommodations with someone
   I have accommodations and willing to share with someone.


*The presentation below, is a complete and comprehensive explanation about the "Ride", the registration, promotion & coordinating of this colossal task. It also explains the "Rider-Cycle Referral Program" and how our sponsor compensates you or your organization for promoting the ride, coordinating a check point or leg, or just sharing it with your friends and referring riders.
Give it a gander!

You can donate ANY amount you wish to the causes, sponsor a rider, or volunteer
to show your support and Help Us Help Them

Below, you can pledge your per mile sponsorship for a rider you know, or if you don't know one that will be participating in the ride, we can assign one for you that needs sponsors. You can indicate how much you wish to pledge; a penny, nickle, dime, quarter, dollar or more, or any amount in between, and you can indicate how many miles or "Legs" you wish to sponsor them for.

You can also share this page with your friends or you can click here to get the URL link to share with your friends so they too can sponsor a rider.