The World Record Ride is privileged to announce the addition of
Top 40 Billboard artist Side FX Band

...as a main attraction at as many as 27 check point venues along the route of World Record Ride. They too are passionate about all of our causes and have graciously excepted our invitation to be our head liner band for the first annual Cowgirls Git-R-Dun World Record Ride around America. It's the collective efforts of the talents of Side FX, our venue hosts, sponsors, promoters, coordinators and volunteers, that will make ride and our goal to raise one million dollars for each of three very worthy cause, breast cancer patients, victims & survivors of domestic violence and our homeless veterans a reality.

Side FX is a five piece band from Washington, DC with an alternative pop sound that is their own. The band, who is well known for exploring new sounds and combining rhythms and beats that together, offer the unexpected, continue to break traditional boundaries within the music industry. In 3 years, Side FX has accomplished what takes most bands a decade to do. The band is fronted by sultry singer-songwriter-designer Kim Cameron.

Side FX was formed in 2008, the band was launched with their CD, 'Contradictions.' The CD was featured on hundreds of US AAA and International radio stations. Placements on American Airlines, MTV Philippines, Great Americans, Plum TV, District Dish TV, Coffee Network, Pulp Magazine, INK 19, Command Performance, and a sold out show at Blues Alley.

Pop's Fresh Edge is the best way to describe this eclectic mix of genres, and showcases Kim's diversity as a songwriter.

In 2009, Side FX finished their second album 'Turning Point' which was released in January, 2010. The CD, which was produced by Robert Jazayeri (No Doubt, Garbage, Britney Spears), transitions flawlessly from smooth sultry vocals and piano to driving beats and roaring guitars that make you want to get up and dance.

In between songwriting and touring, the band makes it a point to perform at events that allow them to give back to causes that are close to them beginning with a performance on Veteran's Day at the Walter Reed Medical Center. In 2010, they devoted hundreds of hours and expenses to the injured service men and women, contributing in free concerts during their 'It's Your Turn' last year, performing at Veteran's Medical Centers across the country.

They performed an internet UStream benefit concert for a low income retirement home in DC, and finished the year at the LA Boys and Girl's Club, giving away hundred's of toys, just in time for Christmas.

The band's online presence is impressive with millions of Google matches, over 360,000 You tube views and over a 65,000 fan base.

National press placements have included Poolside Palisades Pool Party Web series, Fox Sports, Eos music, Pure Play, More Magazine, WSJ's Smart Money, Music Connection, Joey Reynolds' show, Jim Bohannon's show, CBS' Morning Show and CBS' Talk Philly.

The band has recently begun writing their third album with a surprise pre-release of the single 'Sexy Smile' on September 9, 2010. It was immediately picked up on Top 40/HOT AC stations across the country and hit the Media base chart--charting at #103 in the first 2 months of its release.

The band then surprised their fans by releasing their first original Christmas song; My Memories of Christmas which was also picked up by over 20 Top 40 stations across the US in the first week.

Now with 2011, the band has seen remarkable success. With their EP 'The Blond Side,' due in store in August, the band released two singles 'A Dance' and 'Paradise.' Paradise was the third most added song in AC radio in its first two weeks charting at #31 on Mediabase. 'A Dance' has been picked up by over 70 Top 40/Hot AC stations and just made Billboard's Top 40! Working with Producer Richie Cannata (Billy Joel, Celine, Jennifer Lopez) is proving that every song is sure to be a hit.

For this indie band, it is just the beginning.

 Meet Side FX

Kim Cameron

Lead Singer and Songwriter

Kim Cameron spent most of life climbing up the corporate ladder but there was always something missing in her life. In 2007, a family tragedy led her to re-evaluate her life and goals. Kim decided to finally break free and pursue her lifelong passion in music.

She has toured across the country, published a catalog with over 40 songs, performed in front of 1000s and been featured in books, magazines, radio and TV. As the lead singer/songwriter for Side FX, Kim Cameron is finally living her dream.
Andy Hamburger


Andy is an award-winning drummer/percussionist from Washington, D.C. who has played with the Platters, Marvelettes, Drifters, Coasters, Ink Spots, Temptations and Harold Melvin's BlueNotes, to name a few. He has a vast recording background with numerous CDs under his belt and a host of national commercials and movie trailers. His extensive career covers a broad range of musical styles, all of which bring a unique and driven rhythm to Side FX. His favorite drum maker? Carolina Drumworks!
Chris (Nik) Nikpora

Songwriter and Guitar

Nik is on a life long journey to understand women. And while he keeps trying to get to the truth, he continues to get it wrong. His sensitivity can be felt in his dramatic middle-eastern influenced guitar riffs that flow effortlessly around each story line. He began playing guitar at age 10, steadily watching his classic guitar hero's from a far-- AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin.

While his metal favorites taught him how to move people across the dance floor, his inspirations have focused him towards a new path. As a key member of Kim's Side FX, Nik travels down this road of collaboration and inspiration. A road that most men might shy away from, but for Nik, life is about taking the next step.
Matt Berry

Bassist and Guitar

For the past 14 years, Matt has been known as a guitar and bassist expert. A graduate of Shenandoah Conservatory with a degree in Jazz Studies, Matt has multiple awards and performances under his belt including Outstanding Soloist Award at the North Texas Jazz Festival. He had recorded two pieces for North Advertising Downtown Portland AD Campaign which ran on TV for 2 years in Portland, OR.
Anthony Jones


Anthony Jones began his career at age 7 studying at the School for the Performing & Visual Arts in Houston. He went on to receive a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies at Howard University, studying under Geri Allen and Charles Covington.

He has performed with notable National groups including the Dream Keeps, Toby Palmer, John TIllery, and Vox Dei to name a few, who all sing his praises.

He joins Side FX to add a bit more spice to this already electric group.
John DePatie


A veteran guitar player with over 25 years under his strings, John DePatie has seen the world. Touring heavily with Nancy Sinatra's band across Europe and the US. John has opened for high powered bands Great White, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Blasters, Asia, Berlin, Stanley Clarke, and Blue Oyster Cult just to name a few.

As a trained Jazz musician, it is no wonder that Thomas R. Erdmann from jazzreview.com wrote, "John DePatie's guitar work is exquisite. His perfect solos and background work on Travel By Stars, Play On, and Little T-Bird Ragtop show his ability to perfectly capture an emotion and run with it."
Matt Everhart


For the past 16 years, Matt Everhart and the bass have been as one. A true Baltimore musician, known own for his strong and creative bass lines which have been the underbelly of several albums within the mid-Atlantic original artist community.

After earning an bachelors degree in music from Appalachian State University in NC, he went on to study Jazz at Indiana University. His past experience includes performances with Platters, NPR's "A Prairie Home Companion," and several radio programs with Side FX.
Meredith Anderson

Show Me The Money

Meredith, while she does not play an instrument, is most definitely part of the band. She manages all aspects of the Side FX show. Now, with two tours under her belt, there is no surprise left for her to discover on the road.

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