Promoters & Coordinators

Tim Nugent
Ride Coordinator

I found Cowgirls through our sponsored corporation.

The three causes were something that touched basis with me personally , as well as the desire to be in a helpful marketing position, for which I enjoy.

My wife personally went through breast cancer trials and was fortunate to be malignant. (now my sister-in-law has been diagnosed recently)

I am a retired Air Force veteran and my son is an honorably discharged Marine. I know the strife's that my brother and sister Airmen (and other branches) have been through and continue to go through long after combat environment.

Being of a mature age, I have seen and been friends with victims of domestic violence. This is a true tragedy and I am proud to be associated with an organization that will be assisting individuals with public and private issues.

Thank you all for your donations and support!

Mrs. Wilder – Promoter

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Art. Having experienced a TBI and found something that has transformed my life that is backed up by solid science, I’m passionate about helping others who have experienced TBI’s and PTSD. Having tasted freedom from an awful prison, I feel compelled to try to share the key that set me free, hoping to set others free too. I have experienced the difficulties many Veterans suffer and want to help Veterans and others who have suffered concussions, TBI’s or PTSD in any way I can.

I am passionate about helping the Cowgirls Git R Dun organization because of the causes they support.

I am especially passionate about helping Homeless Vets having a military family myself and having experienced many of the symptoms a person with PTSD experiences as a result of my TBI. I understand the debilitating nature of this type of injury and the need for compassion and support for those experiencing TBI’s and PTSD. As with TBI’s I believe that PTSD is an injury that people suffer in silence from because the wound is not visible to others – unless you’ve been there, it is really hard to understand.

Having had someone close to my heart suffer from Breast Cancer, I also know the heartache and difficulties associated with this type of cancer.

Truly women who suffer from Domestic Violence need an avenue of escape and without this, they continue to suffer what no one should suffer and for some, it has even cost their life.

I will be praying for you today,

God bless and keep you,



I have been a store manager for Dior's and a business owner.
The only degrees or awards I have ever received have been for being a Mother and Grandmother. I am promoting the World Record Ride because I'm a true patriot. I believe in doing what I can to help our veterans and their families, because without their sacrifice, we would not have the privilege of freedom. I have had several members of my family who have died from cancer. And as far as domestic violence, I have never understood it, but will do anything I can to help educate the people that have to go through it and hope that some day we can break the cycle. 

LuAnne Culmery