Our Vision & Mission

Cowgirls Git-R-Dun, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our "Vision & Mission" is mufti-faceted and far reaching. We are reinventing and redefining the concept of Social Networking and bringing it to a whole NEW level that Will not be found in any other group forum or any other Social networking page. By working together in great numbers, with the efforts of kind hearted, like minded & friendly,  caring people, together we will make a difference in countless lives. Rather then idle chatter, buying pets and make-believe  vegetables for your make believe garden, we spend our time and effort improving lives. We are a close knit family of friends, chatting, laughing, listening, consoling, and creating life-long relationships.

On a grander scale, we pull together for the greater good. We work together to provide for Breast Cancer patients in need, victims of domestic violence and homeless veterans, through fund raising efforts of sponsorship drives, social gatherings & events, benefits, and bike runs. Shhhh -- we are even looking into benefit concerts with people we are sure you are gonna wanna see! So stay tuned and check back often!

Cowgirls Git-R-Dun is as much of a support group as anything. We bind together and lifting each other up when we are down. We laughing until we cry. We inspire each other to stay the course and carry one, one day at a time, one hoof in front of the other. It's a place to do great things in our own lives and in the lives of countless others. It's the collective efforts of our members that make it all possible to reach out and help each other, emotionally, physically and financially. The real beauty of our Vision & Mission is that it's not just to chit chat, but whenever you do, you are actually touching and changing lives. What could be more gratifying than that?!

Why not be part of something bigger than ourselves? Do something truly powerful and good by spreading good Will to those in need, and having fun in the process.

The Cowgirls Git-R-Dun© domestic violence awareness campaign was conceived when one of our  own members was in a seriously dangerous life treating relationship, and just hours before she was to finally afford to get out of it,  was murdered by her boyfriend, on July 31st, 2010. The only thing that would have made the difference for her was funding to afford her escape.

Members of Cowgirls Git-R-Dun© are actively preparing to launch our year round fund raising efforts through sponsorship's, luncheons, socials, Bike Runs and collectible sales through The Git-R-Dun General Store©.
Almost Edible Gourmet Candles is our primary funding vehicle, which donates 25% of the proceeds of the real and wholesale, candle parties, special events, and fundraisers for schools, churches and organisations. All these efforts will
benefit victims of domestic violence through local and national shelters and organization and will eventually provide them, with necessary emergency funds to get them out of dangerous and life threatening situation, providing them with means of public transportation if necessary, food, and  afford them  the necessary means to relocate to a safe environment or shelter.

It is Cowgirls Git-R-Dun's © ultimate goal to purchase sprawling acreage to build facilities to house these victims with no expiration on there stay. There will be counseling and education to help prevent them of falling into future abusive relationships and the warning signs of abuse and abusive personality traits, and eventually help them find the confidence and self-esteem to make there way back into society when they fell ready. I
n addition we will also assist them in finding permanent employment and housing and assist them when necessary.  This secure, gated community, will be guarded at outposts at the outer perimeter to protect them, by military trained woman that were formally homeless veterans.

It is an ambitious undertaking but with Gods blessings and
generous hearts like your, we will Git-R-Dun and help prevent the loss of another member and help provide woman everywhere with the necessary knowledge that can break the cycle and help them live happy fruitful lives.

Will You help us help them today?

  It's through the collective efforts of our members, volunteers and caring hearts like yours, that will make it all possible to reach out to help each other while helping others, emotional, physically and financially. The real beauty of our Vision & Mission, is that it's not just idle chatter, but rather spreading the word of this ambitious  effort of hundreds and then thousands of faithful riders once again are stepping up to the call to arm, and saddling up their "Iron Horses" for the betterment of others.

 Though our by-laws state, we will operate on a traditional 25% administrative and organizational overhead, it is our goal  to be able to operate on 10%, with 90% of the funds raise going to the causes. These funds will provide  for breast cancer patients, victims of domestic violence and homeless veterans. We will work with many rider non-profits
organizations and ride club chapters across the country to promote the ride. Their promotional efforts will also raise funds for their own respective organizations through our premier sponsor, MPB Today's, ride referral compensation program. This referral program will financially benefit each   organization for each registrant rider they refer to the ride. These said funds raised through this program will not only NOT take away from the causes, but rather, increase the amount our sponsor give to the causes.  We will appropriate and distribute much of the  funds raised from the ride itself, to many organizations nation wide, that submitted  funding requests from many different chapters of these or other organizations. 

Assistance Objective:

  1. Breast Cancer patients in need:
    • Provide 1,000 patients with immune support for one year.
    • Provide health, nutrition and prevention education.
    • Professional consoling
  2. Victims of Domestic Violence:
    • Provide crisis victims emergency funding for:
      • Relocation
      • Food & clothing
      • Professional counseling & education
  3. Homeless Veterans:
    • Assistance & emergency funding
    • Temporary or permanent shelter/housing
    • Food & clothing
    • Assistance in securing employment
      • Transportation to and from work
    • Counseling and education
So rather then just chatting,  why not be part of something bigger then ourselves, something truly powerful and good, by spreading good will for those in need, touch and changing lives in a positive & constructive way while have fun in the process.

So the question is; Will you climb aboard, grab an oar, and pull with us for the greater good?
The choice is yours idle chatter or Good Will?

We welcome any volunteers and we are now accepting rider registrations.  Currently we are seeking promoters, coordinators, ride Captains and ride Sisters, all of which will be generously compensated for their efforts from our sponsors.  If you or someone you know may be interested in becoming a  contributor, corporate sponsor or a per mile pledge sponsor of a rider, please refer them  this site or contact us.  TheRide@CowgirlsGitRDun.com, 321-926-6156

It's not hard work its "Heart" work!

So Saddle Up That Iron Horse & Lets Ride!