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You don't have to be a boot scoot'n, calf rope'n, horse back riding Cowgirl to join. It's an attitude, a Git-R-Dun Attitude!

If you are passionate about helping people, touching & changing lives, and passionate about one of our causes or one of your own, and want to have something to wrap your heart around, you are in the right place. You will have a wonderful time meeting new & many life long friends with hearts of gold. Giving & caring hearts, people that want to make a difference and have a good time doing it.

Cowgirls Git-R-Dun, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to benefit breast cancer patients, domestic violence victims & homeless veterans. Our vision & mission is to touch an change countless lives in a positive way, and it's FREE to join. We work with any non-organization that also want to raise funds for their organization, through our fund raising programs. Our goal as a young non-profit is to donate a minimum of 75% proceeds to the causes with 25% to cover administrative over head and operational cost. Ultimately our goal is 90% to go to the causes and 10% to cover administrative operational cost. But for that to happen we need the people like you to help in any of the many ways and programs that we have implemented. We also have developed several programs that even your family can benefit financially from your efforts, without taking away from the causes. How cool is that?

There is no set amount of hours that our members have to contribute,
or programs they have to participate in, we just ask that you contribute what time is comfortable for you, in which program or project you think you would enjoy. We have many areas you can volunteer for, and you can do it from were you sit, on your computer, on your phone, or in your community.

Cowgirls is all about touching countless lives in a positive way, through our causes, organization we work with, and to build self esteem, inspire you to overcome obstacles and become all that you've dreamed to be, with our help. We are also a support group of wonderful folks giving moral support to each other, lifting each other up and helping where ever we can, each other and countless others.

We can help you and your family financially through several programs, and can refer you to other resources that can do the same.

Please fill out your contact information below. Fell free to contact us if you have any questions or we can help you in any way. 413-301-6041 or email us at

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Cowgirls Git-R-Dun

It's An Attitude!
A Git-R-Dun Attitude!