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Meet "Krazy Larry the Marathon Man", as we fondly call him. Larry Edwords rode his Harley Davidson trike 1,400 miles from Elsworth, KS to Daytona for the kick off of the 1st Annual World Record Ride, WWR, 9-9-11 at Bruce Rossmeyer's Destination Daytona, and completed the entire ride around America in just 20 days(6PM Sept. 29th), two weeks ahead of anyone else. From Dayton to Boston, to Seattle, to Los Angeles, and back to Daytona, his journey included rain, wind and even snow in the upper mid-west. He has been interviewed several times and more in the coming weeks. He was amongst thousands of riders in the 9-11 Midnight Ride on ground zero, which he said "...was one of the most memorable events of his life and I will never for get it."

Sargent Larry Edward's life story is one that needs to be told. He enlisted at 17 year old, and came home as a 100% disabled veteran and is a PTSD survivor. His life goal is to help as many veterans as he can till his dieing day. Though he loves to ride, the reason he rode the WRR is to show his support and to help raise as much as he can to help all three causes, which he is passionate about.

Larry spent two days at home with his wife Linda in Kansas, then opted to take a days rest in Seattle and two more in Phoenix. Break downs in Kentucky & Oregon slowed him down another two days. He averaged 5 - 600 miles a day, one day racking up almost a thousand miles. He is a down to earth "Good Ole' Boy" and you just can't help to love him.

Linda told us that as soon as he walked in the door holding a flier, she saw that look in his eye, and knew right then when he told her about it, he was going to be gone a month, and says that this would be a journey of his life time and for a good cause. She has been so supportive of him and has since become a volunteer for Cowgirls Git-R-Dun and will be working throughout the year to help coordinate next years ride. Next year Larry AND Linda will be doing it again and will escort all the riders out on their journey at the kick off. But don't expect them to stay at the head of the pack, but WAY Out Front. Congratulations Larry, You ARE, and will always remain, the 1st Marathon Rider to complete the 1st Annual World Record Ride. Larry is an inspiration to anyone to get of the couch and do something for the greater good.

That's what we at Cowgirls call Git'n-R-Dun!!!

It is a SHAMEFUL Day In America Today

Shame on so called Americans that turn their backs on true Americans that have put it ALL on the line to protect our liberties & freedoms, then have to come home and fight for their very survival in the land of plenty for the land they so much that they were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Shame on the Politicians that allowed their few belongings to be destroyed, defaced and buried under the land they fought so bravely and gallantly for.

There is a reckoning that our veterans & fellow Americans will wage for their brethren, Lord be willing. Shame on the politicians that have no compassion and empathy for our first defenders & kick a veteran when they are down, then through them into the streets & under the bus. Is it only popular to say, "Support our troops" when they are in uniform, then strip them of their dignity when they return and face life's adversities in a down economy. I wonder how much that "Raid" operation cost tax payers, and how many homeless veterans it would have fed if they would have use those funds for the greater good. Shame on the politicians that can sleep tonight knowing what they have done, as the lay in their cushy warm designer bed sipping on their VSOPs. Shame on the heartless politicians that have no conscience. Election day will be our reckoning for those that wave an American flag in a parade, climb on their proverbial soap boxes to read their carefully scripted and composed double talk, cheer for our troops in harms way for popularity sake, then turn their back on them when they have now way.

God Bless America, God Bless our Troops & God Bless Our Homeless Veterans. Let us pray for our homeless heroes & let us pray that the Lord soften the stony hearts of those that have forgotten our homeless heroes, and that they realize the errors of their ways.

To think, if Florida Governor Scott, would have signed the bill  in April that was pasted by the House & Senate and appropriated in to budget for twelve million dollars, to eliminate homelessness amongst our veterans, instead of vetoing it with a smile on his face, maybe none of this would have been necessary, and they too would be sleeping in a warm bed with food in their bellies.

I hope that each of you that here about this atrocity, will immediately got to and pledge $1 a month for a year for their March to a Million Pledges campaign to eliminate homeless amongst our Veterans. Or register for one or more legs of the World Record Ride and be sure to mention National Veterans Homeless Support, NVHS, so that they will receive the benefit funds from your registration.

Thank you in advance for your support and patriotism. God Bless You and God Bless America.

Cowgirls Git-R-Dun, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our "Vision & Mission" is multi-faceted and far reaching. Our vision and goal is to raise, by October 16th 2011, one MILLION dollars for EACH of three very worthy causes:
(1) homeless veterans, (2) breast cancer patients and (3) victims & survivors of domestic violence.

Our mission is one of 9,637 miles around America- over 35 days through 35 states to make this possible.
It's "The Mother of ALL Rides", "The World Record Ride", a motorcycle benefit ride of historical proportion, commencing on 9-9-11. 

We are a passionate, growing, army, paying forward and fighting for the greater good. It's the collective efforts of our members, committees, promoters, coordinators, volunteers, and caring riders like you, that will make The World Record Ride, its Vision & Mission, a reality.

By working and riding together in great numbers, together, we WILL touch and change countless lives in a positive way.

Why not be part of something bigger than ourselves and larger than life, while doing something truly powerful to benefit such worthy causes?  What could be more gratifying than that?! You can register today, or sponsor a rider.  You can volunteer, donate, or sponsor an event. You can help promote the ride.  If you or your organization is in need of fund raising of your own, our national sponsor generously compensates any individual, organization, business or club that refers their members, fellow riders and friends to the ride. It's a "fund Raiser within a fund raiser."

If you would like to be part of the many facets of this mammoth undertaking of good will for those in need, you are invited to our open information ride call Tuesday evening July 12th, 6PM PT - 7PM MT - 8PM CST - 9PM EST.
To join us, call 605-477-3000, then enter the pin number 593516#, lines are limited, so call in early. Lines open 5 minutes before the hour. For more information about The World Record Ride visit,

Let's Make History TOGETHER!!!

Ride Safe,