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Welcome Y'all to Cowgirls Git-R-Dun

We want to thank you for stop'n by and hope to see ya back here time & time  again. You don't have to be the boot scoot'n, hat sport'n, barrel race'n, bull ride'n, kind of cowgirl or  cowboy to be part of it. It's more about an attitude, a Git-R-Dun Attitude. To accomplish what ever it is that you dream of, with a little help from some friends. Whether it's just to be the best parent you can be, a goal that you want to attain, an endeavor you've always dreamed of,  an original idea or something as ambitious as this. What ever it is, don't let anyone steal your dreams and goals. One of my favorite quotes has always been; "What the mind of man/woman can conceive and believe it can achieve". It's so true, if don't listen to the naysayers, and there are plenty of them. If you never quit, stay focused,   are diligent and persistent you can accomplish ANYTHING you make your mind up to do.

Cowgirls Git-R-Dun was conceive on January 9th 2010 as a fun & inspirational social networking group discussion forum. It quickly took on a life of it's own and swelled to more then a thousand members. It became more then a chat room, it became a place of inspiration and support amongst the members. A place of laughter and tears. A place of sharing, consoling, listening,  inspiration and encouragement. You could always find an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry, a friend to lift you up and help you get though another day.  It was through these friendly relationships that our Vision & Mission was born.

We dreamed of the possibilities of one day, not just helping people though conversation and inspiration, but through action. To create a way that we could reach out and touch countless thousands,  emotionally, physically and financially.

Everything changed on July 31st, 2010, when we lost one of our own, one of our original member, Brenda L. (sunnie) Ahrens to domestic violence. It was then that we realized it was time to stop talking and take action. On August 29th 2010 was launched, on January 9th 2011 articles of incorporation were filled, and on June 11th 2011 our 501(c)(3) non-profit certification was granted by the IRS Department of Treasury.

It is our vision to touch and change countless thousands of lives in a positive way. Through fund raising campaigns such as our Almost Edible Gourmet Candles and our 2nd Annual World Record Ride around America.

 We invite you to explore the site, and you Will find inspiration  and entertainment on every page with a mix of humor to keep it fun, with more new fun exciting up-dates every time you visit.

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The Story as it appears in The Springfield "Republican" and on Mass October 16th, 2013 about our primary funding vehicle & a Cowgirls Git-R-Dun exclusive, Almost Edible Gourmet Candles.
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Our Almost Edible Gourmet Candle Campaign to benefit Homeless Veterans, Breast Cancer Patients & Domestic Violence Victims/Survivors


The Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Marching Band!

Not really but what a concept, hmmm need to put that one on the "To Do's" list.

Cowgirls Git-R-Dun Board Member & volunteer Candle Baker Donna Dunlap & Founder & volunteer Candle Baker Will Therrien at World Famous Ron
Jon Surf Shop on Cocoa Beach, with Iowa, Manson N.W. Webster Community School Band, they were AWESOME!!! 7-24-2012. It was Very Cool jumping in there with them as we promote each other, their school band and our Almost Edible Gourmet Candles campaign for the causes. We have some great video footage which is in production now for a promo video. Stay Tuned!

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